IT Support

Delivering the right technology solutions to optimize your network.


Receive the guidance to transform your business.

Don't have the time, tools or expertise to deliver the next project on time?

Let Compu-SOLVE's Project Services team take care of it for you. With our breadth of experience across multiple product lines and services, we will deliver the right solutions in a timely manner that facilitates your business goals with minimal impact to your users. Compu-SOLVE's many industry partnerships provide us with the support needed to deliver the right solutions for our clients, and the ability to remain current with product information and certifications that meet today's information technology best practices. In the event that your needs fall outside of our area of expertise, we will leverage these partnerships for assistance with the completion of your project.

Installation & Configuration

Get the job done right... the first time.

Installation and configuration of a wide array of technologies

Our expert team will customize the configuration of systems, servers and networks in our project workspace to reduce on-site disruption before completion. We will follow that up with an implementation that works with your time lines to reduce any potential downtime.

Operating System Upgrades

Stay secure with current operating systems.

We don't judge - some like the latest and greatest operating systems, and some resist change.

We're fine with either, but both can create complications. Moving to a new operating system as soon as it is released is much more seamless than it was in earlier releases of Windows Desktop and Server operating systems, however, unknown issues may still arise. We're here to help you navigate those issues, and will work with you to get your new installs up and running.

Waiting too long to upgrade will also cause you problems. Extended Support ended in January 2020 for both Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server. This means that Microsoft no longer creates fixes for any problems in their software. This can be a huge security risk, since threat actors will use these problems to create potential exploits to attack your network and devices.  If you are still using these operating systems, contact Compu-SOLVE to discuss how to best upgrade to currently supported releases.

Network Assessment

Discover and address your IT risks.

How healthy is your network, truly?

Without the right tools it is impossible to know where your network currently stands, and this creates a huge risk for your company. Let us help you by performing a network assessment that will provide you with the information to make data-backed decisions. This assessment will allow us to guide you in prioritizing your next steps based on critical remediation requirements, placing you on the path toward a secure, thriving network.

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