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Email phishing and spear phishing campaigns have grown rapidly this year. Bad actors are using various sophisticated methods such as links on real websites and hacked business email accounts to evade conventional security tools. This changing threat means you need to be alert of the methods being used by bad actors and have the skill to recognize warning signs in communications you receive to safeguard yourself and your organization. Remember to Stop, Look, and Think with any form of communication you receive.

Below is an example of a malicious email trying to trick you into taking an action not in your best interest.

Here are some common red flags in malicious emails:

1) The “To”, “From”, and “Reply-to” lines: These are always important to check and confirm addresses. Ask yourself: Do the email addresses shown match my known contact addresses, or do I know this sender? If not, it may be a phish.

2) While typos are a common mistake, an abundance of them or poor grammar may indicate a potential phishing email.

3) Any email that is stressing a time limit or any other form of urgency should be thoroughly reviewed. A common tactic of bad actors is to stress a time limit to make you act quickly and irrationally. Remember to Stop, Look, and Think before you act.

4) Links or attachments are where the actual attack happens. Never open links and attachments you weren’t expecting or before you have confirmed an email is legitimate. Remember, never enter passwords in any documents or websites you have not verified.

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