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Meraki Marketplacle Expanded

In our previous newsletter, we briefly discussed the Meraki Marketplace and how its wide variety of apps integrate seamlessly into the Meraki platform, providing customized solutions for several unique use cases. Today we’ll cover some of these in-depth to show just how transformative these can be to ensure a safe and productive workplace environment.


Safe Environments with team and office pic with website opened on mobile.

Safe environments account for one of the largest categories of applications on the Meraki Marketplace. For example, with the cold and flu season approaching some businesses and health care providers are requiring masks to be worn again to keep people safe. Using Meraki-connected smart cameras, tools are available to detect non-compliance on site. Alerts can be generated with information detailing camera location information and a screenshot of the incident is included for verification purposes.

Similarly, there are solutions in place to confirm the occupancy of a room. Sensors, cameras, and even Wi-Fi infrastructure can be combined to gather anonymous information on how many people are in a specific room. If there are safety or regulatory limitations in place, this can be used in real time to ensure compliance.


Sustainablity & Smart Spaces with mobile and office pic

Sustainability and smart spaces are another great use of the Meraki platform. Take our previous example of occupancy detection. When combined with a smart spaces application, things such as lighting or temperature controls can be changed automatically depending on need. In hybrid work environments where the number of staff on site is not always predictable, the Meraki platform uses real-time environment monitoring to adjust to current needs. This optimizes the energy use based on the demand of the environment, ensuring the comfort and well-being of staff.

There are numerous solutions in place on the Meraki Marketplace, and the platform continues to grow as new applications and new Meraki equipment are developed. To learn more about Meraki solutions, contact the CSOLVE team.

Community Support


November Support Newsletter

Taking place annually in November, Movember is an awareness campaign to bring attention to several men’s health issues including prostate and testicular cancer, and mental health challenges. Globally 11 million men live with prostate cancer and one man commits suicide every minute.

Participants start the month clean shaven and spend the month of November growing their mustache to raise donations. These are then used to generate awareness and help fund cancer research and mental health support initiatives. This year CSOLVE team members Jason Lock and Eric Adamson are once again participating as part of the Southern Georgian Bay Firefighters team to raise awareness for the cause in our community. To learn more and support the team, please visit their campaign page.

Technology Expo


Thanks to everyone who attended our Technology Expo event last month at the beautiful Brooklea Golf and Country Club in Midland! The event featured presentations from our partners discussing new technologies to modernize and transform your business, including:

  • Cisco Meraki Internet of Things (IoT) Devices and their many innovative use cases
  • Stack the Rack with Eaton Power, and their acquisition of Tripp Lite
  • Elevating the Hybrid Workplace with Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • Entering a new era of AI with Microsoft Co-Pilot
  • Outfitting your office space and your personal space with HP Poly
  • Overview of how Managed Services can deliver technology success

Huge thanks to all our partners that made this event a success! An additional thanks to Jean Cramer Photography for capturing photos from the event.

CSOLVE team member Eric Adamson is participating in the annual WWF Climb for Nature at the CN Tower this April. The event sees participants climbing all 1776 steps of the CN Tower while raising funds for the World Wildlife Fund to support their efforts in nature restoration, wildlife conservation, and fighting climate change. To learn more about this event and support the cause: WWF CN Tower Climb.

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