Embracing transformation and evolving the ways we work

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Embracing transformation and evolving the ways we work

Over the past year, as the world has faced uncertainty and hurdles, we have seen incredible resilience from organizations and individuals alike as they have navigated through ongoing, unpredictable change. We have learned that we can be agile and adaptable in our working AND personal lives. Now, as we look toward the future and what comes next, embracing transformation and evolving the ways we work will be essential for us to survive and thrive.

According to a recent PwC Pulse survey:

  • 54% of businesses will make remote work a permanent option for relevant roles
  • 81% of organizations’ focus is on changing safety measures and requirements as they transition back to the workplace.
  • 49% say the technology investments they are making during this time will position them better for the long term.

No matter how you slice it, we are at the precipice of a landmark shift in work norms on many frontiers — where we work, when we work, even how we work. And, if the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we must remain agile and flexible through it all.

work is an activity not a place
Goodbye place-ism! The future of work is about what we do, not where. Today’s technology can make almost any place a workplace, allowing modern workers the freedom to decide how and where they deliver the most value. That means that “place-ism”, the insistence that all employees work in the same space, will increasingly hinder success AND innovation moving forward.

Employees who work remotely, or switch between home and office, need to be enabled with collaboration and security solutions along with purpose-built devices to ensure high-quality teamwork and a seamless experience wherever they are.

trusted workplace and safe return to work
Despite drastic changes and the shift to a more hybrid workforce, the office is here to stay. It serves as the central hub for people to work together collaboratively, to build rapport with colleagues, and connect to the work culture and community. With a hybrid workplace model, you can expect a rotating cast of office workers. Technology is needed to assist them in finding available spaces to work and collaborate, while providing a safer working environment. A decreased office footprint provides the opportunity to extend technology-driven, intelligent experiences in every space.

As organizations prepare for their return to the office, it is imperative to implement a strategy that ensures employees feel comfortable and safe. Providing in office capabilities like capacity level visibility and intelligent touchless experiences within your workplace will help to enable a trusted workplace for your employees.

an agile strategy for managing change
While every organization’s situation is different, one thing has remained a constant: the need to be agile is imperative. Eliminating complexity, better integration of security, and the ability to automate processes have become necessities. As many of us continue to work from anywhere, or in a hybrid environment, shifting workplace and customer needs present new challenges daily.

With an evolved, intelligent, cloud-managed platform, you can quickly adopt a digital-first model that enables your business to move rapidly and deliver more value.

tips to help make the hiring process easier

The last year has brought about many changes to the workplace. Many businesses successfully transitioned to remote work or implemented a hybrid model. One of the unique challenges to arise during this new working environment is how to successfully hire and on-board new employees.

If you have contacted the Compu-SOLVE help desk recently, you have likely interacted with Cody, our new Service Coordinator. Cody joined Compu-SOLVE in October and has been working remotely since. If you are looking to hire new staff for your team but are concerned about doing so given the current climate, here are some tips to help make the process easier:

  1. Technology – Ensuring you have the correct technology implemented is crucial for a smooth remote hiring process. Productivity tools such as Teams have been incredibly important during the COVID-19 pandemic and can be used throughout the entire hiring process. Interviews can be conducted via video conferencing, training can be done using screen share, and files can be shared through Teams.
  2. Workplace Culture – One of the challenges for new employees hired during the pandemic is feeling like they are a member of the team. A strong, flexible company culture can help facilitate this. Plan events and introductory meetings to allow the new team member to get to know their coworkers and put a face to the name. Where possible, allow flexibility between remote and on-site work to meet the needs of the employee.
supporting our community auto group

Here at Compu-SOLVE, we love to watch our valued partners succeed and grow! We are excited to witness the Bourgeois Group doing exactly that with their new Hyundai dealership. When we asked General Manager David Grattan about the new location, here is what he had to say:

The Bourgeois Group has been in Midland for over 75 years, and we believe that our strength is being a locally owned and operated participating member in the community. We’re very excited about our new dealership and the growth of our existing locations, creating jobs for more and more people in the community. At a time like we’ve experienced during the COVID19 Pandemic, a new store with new job openings is a light of hope for those that have lost theirs or are struggling. Also, we find as our group grows it gives us more opportunity to spend time on training and development of our staff. This makes them better, which in turn makes the customer experience better. Community involvement is important to us at Bourgeois Hyundai, most of our management and staff are residents of the community so we keep a good pulse on what is going on and where we can support our community. We tend to get really involved with Hospital related charities, the CLH Foundation, youth sports and local golf tournaments for a good cause. We also encourage our staff members to get involved independently and bring to the table any ideas that they could use additional support on.

Bourgeois Hyundai will give local Midland and surrounding residents the opportunity to shop yet another automotive brand when they are purchasing a new vehicle. Better yet, the shopping experience will be revolutionized because we give all our sales staff the ability to sell from all three brands we represent: Ford, Nissan and Hyundai. That means a customer can have a one-stop point of contact and try three different brands during a visit to keep from driving all over town. Its going to be a NEXT LEVEL shopping experience!

Compu-SOLVE welcomes Bourgeois Hyundai to the neighbourhood! All things Bourgeois can be found at: https://www.bourgeoisautogroup.com

CSOLVE team member Eric Adamson is participating in the annual WWF Climb for Nature at the CN Tower this April. The event sees participants climbing all 1776 steps of the CN Tower while raising funds for the World Wildlife Fund to support their efforts in nature restoration, wildlife conservation, and fighting climate change. To learn more about this event and support the cause: WWF CN Tower Climb.

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